Stop cybersecurity threats early and turn them into security boosts

Detect attackers shortly after the first breach occurs and before any serious damage is done, while discovering vulnerabilities at the same time.

Integrated with most used SIEMs, communications platforms and software distribution tools

Intrusion Detection

Get alerted,

  • Detect attackers shortly after the first breach occurs.
  • Focus your team on real threats without needing to sort through logs and false positives.
  • Seamlessly integrate our alerts with major SIEMs


Reimagined Pentest

  • Discover critical security gaps with crowdsourced tests.
  • Fix vulnerabilities before malicious actors can exploit them.
  • Do persistent penetration tests even if you deploy new software.

Mobile Security

Protection Against Mobile Threats

  • Protect 2FA on mobile devices against attackers
  • Reduce the risk of data exfltration
  • Easy to deploy with no impact to CPU or user activity.

Why BitTrap

Our radically new approach makes early detection possible.
BitTrap helps companies find breaches faster by installing wallets with risk-adjusted bounties. When an attacker cashes a wallet, we notify the company of the breach so they can take remediation actions to patch it.

Existing security solutions rely on outdated models and are failing to prevent cyber attacks

10 Months

10 Months is the average time to detect an attack

Source: Verizon Report

$8.64 Million

$8.64 Million is the average cost of a Breach for US companies in 2020

Source: Ponemon Institute


46% is the percentage of data breaches that involved SMBs

Source: Verizon Report

How it Works

Each device
has a wallet with a
risk-adjusted bounty


Attackers hack
into a device, find
the wallet and
cash the bounty

receive alerts and
begin an incident
response operation

Zero False Positives
Alarms are only triggered if the bounty is cashed.

Zero Operations Impact
BitTrap works continuosly without impacting your software delivery.

Zero Performance Hit.
Protected devices run all full capacity

BitTrap SaaS

  • Automated asset installation
  • Continuous asset monitoring
  • Incident management
  • Alarm and trigger automation
  • Integration with major SIEMs

BitTrap’s pricing:
simplicity, scalability
and reliability

Reliable One price per endepoint per year, regardless of the endpoint type.
Scalable Wallet value included within platform offer.
Simple Choose between BitTrap Enterprise or upgrade to BitTrap Premium to access our Forensics Services.

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